India Palace, Greenville SC | Merchant Profile

Bringing a Northern Indian cuisine to the Greenville area, India Palace has arguably become the best restaurant in the area, constantly bringing back repeat customers. Beginning in 1992, the restaurant gained rapid success due to the fact it was one of the only restaurants in the area providing an authentic cuisine that was flavorful, spicy, and genuine. Owner Naresh Kumar came to America from India and sought to make an impact of the restaurant industry and has done so flawlessly. Offering a welcoming experience with with quality food to match, India Palace is definitely worth the visit while in the area.Using fresh ingredients, Naresh and his team have provided an extensive menu that is sure to suit anybody’s taste. The restaurant offers a lunch buffet that allows customers to sample different dishes in small portions allowing for a well rounded experience. A popular dish, the Chicken Tikka Masala, is boneless marinated chicken broiled in a tandoor, and then smothered in creamy tomato sauce with bell peppers and onions. Another item worth trying, the Chicken Madras, is simply chicken with coconut, mustard seeds, and chili leaves, which is very flavorful. The restaurant also offers these options with lamb and seafood, to suit the customer√≠s preference. Located at 59 Liberty Lane, Indian Palace has a welcoming staff, with fantastic service. They offer on sight and in house catering for those who prefer, and also serve beer and wine to compliment their savory meals. Garnering multiple awards from the Greenville news as well as Business Magazine Greenville, the restaurant has become a staple in the community and has become a household name. Giving India Palace a try is essential while visiting Greenville as is sure not to disappoint.

59 Liberty Ln
Greenville, SC 29607