Ipanema Restaurant, New York NY | Merchant Profile

Ipanema is a Brazilian restaurant with a Portuguese twist to it. It was opened in 1979 by Alfredo. Now, his son Victor runs the restaurant on a daily basis with the assistance of other family members. Ipanema moved to New York City in the 2015 and still has much of its same loyal customer base from its 1979 location. The area around Ipanema is a tight knit community and that comfortable vibe is seen in the restaurant itself.One of the most popular dishes is Bitoque. This is a Portuguese steak that is served with a signature sauce, fries and a fried egg on top. Another popular dish is Feijoada. This is a Brazilian black bean stew with that is fried with rice, bacon and pork. Picanha is a Brazilian steak that steams when it comes out. It is a head-turner and makes for a fun dining experience. A shrimp and coconut dish is also popular because the dish comes served in a coconut which is unique in comparison to other restaurants.Ipanema has an extensive bar and the most ordered drink is Caipirinha, the Brazilian national drink. There is also a party room on the second floor that can hold 60-65 people. This space is used most commonly for corporate functions but can be reserved for any event. Ipanema is located close to a theater, and because these clients are usually in a rush, the Ipanema staff is very well practiced at getting food out efficiently. The staff are mostly Brazilian and add to the happy vibe of Ipanema. Ipanema is considered one of the best Brazilian restaurants in all of New York City. It puts a great spin on the authentic Brazilian cuisine and its customers always leave feeling satisfied.

43 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036