Irie Palace Authentic Jamaican Restaurant, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

The taste of Jamaicaís flavorful cuisine is brought over the waters and to Milwaukee with local Caribbean restaurant Irie Palace.The local Caribbean Restaurant primarily serves authentic foods that are prominent in Jamaica. There are a variety of specialty dishes on the menu including curry chicken, jerk chicken, french fried chicken, brown stew chicken, and oxtail. There is even a specialty beverage menu that includes carrot juice, coconut water and tropical rhythm juice.All dishes are prepared in the same way as it is done in Jamaica. In order to prepare the oxtail, there is a process where they start off to marinating and seasoning it the oxtail in order to maintain the flavors. The cooks donít use any kind of pressure cooker, but instead do it in a traditional manner.Every Friday, the restaurant has a special with fried and steamed fish and shrimp dishes which are done to order. This fish is prepared in a matter where it is deep fried and marinated. There is a selection of curry dishes including shrimp, chicken and goat. There is even a temporary dessert menu with Jamaican and rum cakes.Irie Palace has a venue that can serve and hold up to 40 people. The restaurant was opened in 2005 and is currently managed by Howard. 

7506 W Appleton Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53216