Isa’s Bistro, Asheville NC | Merchant Profile

Located in the core of downtown Asheville, Isaís Bistro has been able to provide an upscale dining experience without the feeling of it being pretentious. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the food matches the quality of the ambiance. Owners Tony and Isabelle sought to create an approachable environment and have done so successfully, gaining rapid notoriety in the area. Executive Chef and General Manager Duane Fernandes, has comprised a Modern American menu that offers something to suit anyoneís taste. Using North Carolinaís freshest produce, customers can rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality ingredients from a chef that enjoys his work. Introducing a seasonal menu, Isaís has provided the Asheville area with new dishes on a regular basis. With this, customers have the opportunity to indulge in different cuisines on a regular occurrence, always keeping it interesting. A staple to the menu, and a highly regarded dish, Duaneís Double Burger, is made with pickled vidalias, American Cheese, and sriracha aioli. Another fan favorite is their Duck, which has been on the menu since day one, garnering attention from anyone who gives it a try. Along with their seasonal menu, Isaís Bistro also has a seasonal Beer and Cocktail program. Keeping it local, the location offers eleven craft beers from Asheville as well as beers from Austria and Belgium. Their cocktails reflect the season for the summer months offering a Honeysuckle Lemonade, using cathead honeysuckle vodka, agave nectar, and lemon.Prioritizing a welcoming experience, Duane and his team have achieved in doing so, and have built an atmosphere that creates repeat customers. Located at 1 Battery Park Avenue, the restaurant is definitely worth checking out while visiting the area. With the option to use private seating, the staff is happy to adhere to customers needs no matter the instance. Offering an upscale experience paired with fantastic food, Isaís Bistro is sure to satisfy.

1 Battery Park Ave
Asheville, NC 28801