Ise Restaurant, New York NY | Merchant Profile

Ise Restaurantís original location was established in 1988 in the financial district. They served Americanized Japanese dishes and sushi until they closed that location in February of 2016. They moved Ise Restaurant to its current location and changed the menu to offer very authentic Japanese dishes and sushi. At Ise Restaurant, their main focus is sushi and soba noodles. The owner did not want the restaurant to be strictly noodles or strictly sushi, so decided to specialize in both. Soba is more authentic and healthier than Ramen noodles. Ise Restaurant makes their soba noodles each day in-house, using buckwheat imported from northern Japan. For the regular noodles, they use an eight to two buckwheat to flower ratio, and the gluten-free noodles are 100% buckwheat. Ise Restaurant imports every ingredient they can from Japan, including fresh fish five days a week. They make their fish stocks each morning with six to seven different kinds of fish, so it is always very fresh. The soba is cooked right after your order is placed, never before. The Jiman Tofu is very popular. Homemade and actually made from scratch right in front of you, after ten minutes of steaming you can open the lid and start eating it. Canít get fresher than that! At Ise Restaurant, you can either sit at the sushi bar or take a seat at a table. They offer 25 different kinds of high-quality sake and will recommend which sakes pair best with each dish!

63 Cooper Sq
New York, NY 10003