Ivory Chinese Bistro, Dunedin FL | Merchant Profile

Offering traditional Cantone-Styled Chinese cuisine, Ivory Chinese Bistro has brought an eclectic menu to the Dunedin area. Owner Liyuan Chen came to the states seeking to bring his culinary expertise from the Canton Province as well as Hong Kong. Coming from a long history of restauranteurs, Chenís family has owned four different restaurants in the Guanzhou Province, and the culture shows in each of the dishes that come out of the kitchen. Chen and his staff pride themselves on their ability to bring a healthy, genuine cuisine to Florida, and the rapid popularity growth has proven Ivory Chinese Bistro to be one of the best in the area. Under new ownership, they have revamped the menu, providing a heightened experience for their customers to enjoy with each visit. Ivory Chinese Bistro offers a wide range of options for their customers, making the choices endless when choosing what to indulge in.  Chen specializes in Traditional Roasted Duck, offering options such as the Hong Kong Style Roasted Duck. The popular item is a traditional Hong Kong style Roasted Duck marinated with their House Special Sauce. Another delicious specialty worth trying is their Char Siu and Roasted Pork, offering savory and tender meat that is cooked with the utmost authenticity. The proficiency in all of their Chinese dishes shows with their Chef Driven menu, and the options come highly regarded.Being the familyís second restaurant, they have mastered the craft of what it takes to run a successful establishment and have done so seamlessly. Each dish raises the bar on Authentic Chinese, and the healthy options provide a nice change of pace from what would be expected from similar restaurants. Chen has taken everything that he has learned from the industry and has used it to fuel Ivory Chinese Bistro into what it is today. The location also offers Beer and Wine to bring the menu full circle, and also provides takeout, catering, as well as the option to host private parties. The Chen family goes the extra mile for their customers, and stopping in is sure to satisfy and provide a memorable experience.

2192 Main Street
Dunedin, FL 34698