Izakaya Mita, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Izakaya Mita is an authentic Japanese restaurant and sake pub located on the corner of Damen and Armitage Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Helen Mita is the owner and pursued opening Izakaya Mita to honor her late husbandís dream of owning and running a restaurant. The menu at Izakaya Mita is extensive and full of different types of Japanese cuisine. There are plenty of options for vegetarians and carnivores alike that will satisfy any appetite and leave you full and happy. Mike Sula from the Chicago Reader even ranked some of Izakaya Mitaís dishes as some of the best in the city. One of these dishes was the Gyu Tataki. It consists of a sirloin steak that is seared on both sides, but remains raw or rare on the inside and is served with a special dressing. The Chawanmushi was another dish mentioned by Sula that is a savory custard with shrimp, kamaboko, chicken, shiitake, and citrus zest. This dish is a favorite of Japan and not often found in the US, but Izakaya Mitaís rendition is perfectly executed. Another fan favorite at Izakaya Mita are their rice sliders. They come in a handful of different styles and are served open faced over a rice patty. In addition to the great food, Izakaya Mita offers a wonderful selection of drinks as well. Izakaya actually translates to ìSake barî which is what the restaurant specializes in serving at their bar. Izakaya Mita features forty different premium sakes to choose from. They also offer Japanese beers, Japanese whiskey, and even have five Japanese beers on tap. The bar sells regular martinis and cocktails too, but it is not their main focus. All in all, Izakaya Mita is the perfect restaurant to try and experience a deeper level of authentic Japanese cuisine. The food is comforting, flavorful, and fresh. The restaurant itself is beautiful and boasts a relaxing and serene ambiance. The next time youíre in Chicago make sure to stop by Izakaya Mita to experience delicious food served in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

1960 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647