Izakaya NoMad, New York NY | Merchant Profile

Moku, the owner of Izakaya Nomad, opened the restaurantís doors to the public back in June 2014. Izakaya Nomad is a beautifully designed restaurant as Moku graduated from Parsons School of Design. His eye for colors, patterns, and textures are truly reflected in every aspect of this hip Japanese gastropub. Creativity and originality fill this restaurantís menu and atmosphere. Moku and his highly trained staff welcome you to come have fun, relax, and try the unexpected at Izakaya Nomad. The food at Izakaya Nomad is superb and the drink list is unique and filled with variety. The Japanese word ëIzakayaí translates to ësake barí in English. Ever try Sake? Izakaya Nomad is the perfect spot for new and experienced sake drinkers. Staying true to its roots, the sake menu features over 35 different varieties of sake, all imported from Japan.The menu at Izakaya Nomad features an array of Yakitori, otherwise known as ësavory skewers.í Options for Yakitori include beef and pork, veggies, and free-range chicken. Be sure to try Izakaya Nomadís sushi and entrees as well. All dishes are made with the freshest ingredients available and Moku will not settle for less. All chicken dishes are made with free-range chicken and the fish is brought into the restaurant fresh each and every morning. There is transparency from to kitchen to table as Izakaya Nomad features an open kitchen, offering guests a little entertainment while they wait for their meals. Looking for the perfect place for a company event or birthday party? The private room near the entrance of Izakaya Nomad can seat up to 16 guests. Moku hand selected a very fine piece of furniture for this room that features an Indonesian wood table, made from only one, very large, segment of wood. Throughout the long and narrow restaurant, you can find sections of booths, tables, and bar seating options – all designed to Mokuís exquisite taste. Whether you are organizing an event or popping in for drinks and appetizers, Izakaya Nomad offers the perfect menu, atmosphere, and service to elevate your dining experience.

13 W 26th St
New York, NY 10010