Izumi, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Izumiís is the only Japanese restaurant in the area that is Japanese owned and operated with a Japanese chef. Owner Fujiko Yamauchi always tells her customers that if you travel to Japan, you can expect the food to taste the same as it does at Izumiís. At Izumiís, the sushi, tempura and ramen are top sellers. Tempura might look easy to make, but it actually takes a lot of skill to make it crispy and not greasy. As for sushi, it takes a trained eye to select the right fish. Fujiko and her staff really treasure the flavor of the fish, and will never try to cover it with a sauce or spice like so many sushi restaurants do. If you really enjoy fresh sushi, Izumiís is the place to go. Izumiís meat stands out from the rest as well. They purchase only from farms in the midwest that raise wagyu cattle. This ensures high quality, tender, marbleized meat. Just like the sushi, they will not try to mask the meat flavor with a bunch of spices, just simple yet delicious garlic and soy sauce. Izumiís ëTempura Ice Creamí is a must-try dessert – ice cream wrapped in a slice of pound cake, then dipped in tempura batter and deep fried. Yum! Izumiís also offers many house cocktails, including a ëGinger Martinií, ëLychee Martinií and a ëStrawberry Martinií. Fujiko makes all the flavors for the drinks in-house, and never buys flavor syrups. Just minutes from downtown Milwaukee, Izumiís is definitely worth a visit. Since 1993 Izumiís has been crafting delicious, authentic Japanese food, and plans to for many years to come.

2150 N Prospect Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202