Jack Pandls Whitefish Bay Inn, Whitefish Bay WI | Merchant Profile

Jack Pandlís Whitefish Bay Inn, family run and owned for 100 years, was first bought by John and Anna Pandl in 1915. The area that surrounded the Inn at the time was a large span of beautiful farmland and across the street was the Pabst Whitefish Bay Resort. At the resort, you could find beer gardens, outdoor picnic seating, a ferris wheel, and a dancing pavilion. Whitefish Bay grew to be one of the nicest suburbs of the Milwaukee area. John Pandl died in 1932, but the tradition of home cooking and excellent service continued in the dedicated hands of Anna Pandl. Anna Pandl worked into her 70ís alongside with her son, Jack. Anna Pandl died in May 1967, but her legacy and passion for the business is lovingly carried out by Jack and his family.Upon walking through the doors at Jack Pandlís, guests can expect to find the restaurant with the traditional dÈcor from 100 years ago. With one of the Midwestís largest collections of beer steins on display and oak tables topped with soft lighting lamps and flowers, the cozy atmosphere of Jack Pandlís is sure to make guests feel right at home.The chefs at Jack Pandlís continue in the traditional cooking style passed on by Anna. The menu features local ingredients, such as the famous roast Wisconsin duck. The cuisine at Jack Pandlís is German-American influenced. You can find wiener schnitzel, beef rouladen, calves liver, and fresh whitefish on the menu. Donít miss out on homemade soups to begin your meal ñ each recipe is from Annaís collection, including the best apple strudel the state has to offer.A Milwaukee County Landmark and one of the oldest standing buildings in the area, Jack Pandlís is a must for any history buff and German cuisine fanatic. Kick back, relax, and enjoy fantastic food in a warm and welcoming environment.

1319 E Henry Clay St
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217