Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant, Dania Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Jaxsonís Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant is a very unique eatery with a long and interesting history. Monroe Udell was the founder and owner of Jaxsonís and opened the Ice Cream Parlor in 1956. He was determined to create the best ice cream people could find and ignored racial segregation laws hiring and serving whoever walked through the door. The town even named a street after Monroe for all his great accomplishments and contributions he made. As time passed Jaxsonís continued to expand and more and more people began showing up for the worldís best ice cream. Monroe also began selling great food along with his ice cream, collecting antiques, and started a large license plate collection. Today, not much has changed. All the ice cream is still homemade using a secret formula and high quality ingredients as well as the terrific food they serve.  The Kitchen Sink is Jaxsonís signature item and is actually a registered trademark and design of Monroe Udell. The bowl itself actually looks like a kitchen sink and only a party of four or more can order it. Each person gets to pick a flavor of ice cream and then one pound scoops of each flavor is all combined in the Kitchen Sink to share. Itís definitely a treat for people with a big sweet tooth and a big appetite!  Today, Jaxsonís has over fifty different flavors of ice cream to pick from that are all homemade on premises six days a week. The classic vanilla is the most popular pick, but Oreo cookie, chocolate, and brownie crackle are all close seconds. Jaxsonís also makes most of their own toppings and even makes all their own sodas. They have daily specials for ice cream and food too. When it comes to the food, Jaxsonís serves delicious American classic cuisine. Freshly popped popcorn is provided for every table and the menu is extensive with tons of great choices. One of the most popular dishes is their Corned Beef Sandwich along with their Hot Pastrami. Each comes with 10 ounces of premium meat and is served on fresh marble rye bread. Customers have been raving about these sandwiches for decades now. Jaxsonís features other items like their one pound and half pound hot dogs, great burgers, chicken, and seafood. In the front of the restaurant thereís even an old-fashioned candy shop where they sell homemade, old-fashioned candies, stuffed animals, old-fashioned toys, and different antique items. Itís truly a unique place worth checking out. The atmosphere of Jaxsonís is lively and fun with goofy sound effects, a cheery and personable staff, and great food and ice cream to compliment it all. It is still family owned and operated as Monroe Udellís daughter, Linda Udell Zakheim, has taken over and continued on his legacy. Linda made a promise to her father before he passed that she would keep everything exactly the same as it has been for the last sixty years."There’s no other place where you can go and it is exactly as you remember it from childhood, especially as far back as 60 years ago," Linda says. The next time youíre in the area make sure to make a stop at Jaxsonís Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant, itís a one-of-a-kind meal and experience that you wonít forget!

128 S Federal Hwy
Dania Beach, FL 33004