Jeninni Kitchen and Wine Bar, Pacific Grove CA | Merchant Profile

Jeninni Kitchen and Wine Bar specializes in ìblending the sophisticated energy of an urban restaurant with the genteel comforts of coastal Pacific Grove, CA.î It was opened by Thamin Saleh on November 7, 2013. Thamin has been in the industry in the area for 32 years. He is a sommelier by trade and worked for years as a wine and beverage director. He opened Jeninni, because he wanted the freedom of owning his own restaurant. Thamin is from Jenin, Palistine. He started making his own wine in 2009 and Jeninni was his brand, so he carried the name over to his restaurant.The menu at Jeninni Kitchen and Wine Bar features authentic and unique items from the Mediterranean coast, with a focus on Southern Spain. Thamin created his menu with items that are authentic, but not typical to many other Mediterranean restaurants. He also likes to add his own spin on dishes. A challenge to his style of restaurant is that the dishes are simple, using few ingredients, so the ingredients have to be the best quality. He says he is lucky that in this area he has access to so much fresh produce, seafood, and meat. To maintain freshness and creativity, the menu is constantly changing; however, some signature items remain on the menu year round. One of these dishes, the Crispy Octopus, is a customer favorite. It is made with a Spanish octopus, with Calabrian chili, and lemon marmalade. Another staple is the Pork Bun, made with a shawarma spice blend, chilled with yogurt, and with chili to spice. Small plates are the focus, with 20-30 small plates, sides, and appetizers offered on the menu. They offer 5-6 entrees at a time. Thamin makes his own wine in Santa Barbara using the grenache grape. He serves some of his own wines on his wine menu. The wine list has a variety of unique and high quality wines both local and European. Thamin finds the best local wines the Monterey area has to offer. Another specialty of Jeninni Kitchen and Wine Bar are Thaminís soju cocktails. Soju is a Korean liquor, similar to sake. Soju can be made to mimic flavors of many liquors. Thamin has sojus that can be used to make vodka, tequila, whiskey, and gin cocktails. He ages his own soju to create a delicious Manhattan. He can also make margaritas, martinis, and much more. Jeninni Kitchen and Wine bar has been featured in local newspapers, and was ranked number 8 on the list of the top 16 restaurants in the Monterey area. The soju cocktails were featured in Cheers Magazine. The restaurant is open everyday except Wednesday, and has happy hour from 4-6 PM. Check out Jeninni Kitchen and Wine Bar for some of the best unique wines and cuisine in the Monterey area!

542 Lighthouse Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950