JJ Bootleggers, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Driving a powerful concept to the forefront, JJ Bootleggers is justifiably one of the top notch places to visit in Philadelphia. Owner Marc Harris has been in the industry for over twenty five years and his extensive knowledge of the craft is prevalent in his current endeavor from top to bottom. Having only been open since March of 2014, the location has garnered widespread attention for its focus on moonshine and elevated bar dishes. From top to bottom he has hit the nail on the head with this concept, providing something the area needed, while putting he and his team in a league of their own. In doing so, JJ Bootleggers is something that is unrivaled and has certainly earned its niche as a hot spot in Philly, making it a perfect choice while visiting the area. Housing the best of the best when it comes to moonshine, JJís has inherently crafted something of interest, grabbing attention from far and wide for people who may have not experienced this concept before. The mysteriousness of moonshine dates back ages with prohibition, but Marc has been able to implement a familiarity that allows customers to grasp and attain knowledge of the age old concept. In doing so, they carry twenty different flavors ranging from pineapple and strawberry, to pumpkin or apple pie. They pride themselves on their use of it because they are able to form a cocktail that rivals, if not out does, what would typically be found at a normal bar . From a vodka tonic to a whiskey coke, they can not only replicate, but take it a step above. The food brings everything full circle, putting together a menu that consists of bar food with an added zest. With that being said, none of the dishes sacrifice in flavor, and certainly out do themselves time after time with the quality and consistency. JJís Mac & Cheese comes in high regard, crafted with the Chefís blend of gourmet cheeses, comprised into a creamy cheese sauce, with the option to add shrimp, bacon, crab cake, buffalo chicken, or cheesesteak meat. Pair that with their full bar, and JJ Bootleggers simply speaks for itself. Stopping in provides for not only something different, but something memorable as well, and that is reason enough to stop in and give Marcís concept a try.

35 S 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106