Joey Tate’s, Jenkintown PA | Merchant Profile

Joe Tate, the owner of Joey Tateís Restaurant, began his career in the restaurant industry washing dishes when he was just twelve years old. His dad purchased a restaurant and Joe worked for him throughout high school. Joe bounced around a little bit, then came back to work with his dad for a few years before he bought his own restaurant. Joe owned Tateís Good Food for twenty years, and then he opened Joey Tateís Restaurant. Joe grew his restaurant business by good old fashioned word of mouth marketing. He would go out and hand out menus and talk to people in the neighborhood. When they finally came into the restaurant, he would make sure the food and service are right the first time. Customers love that Joey Tateís Restaurant serves breakfast all day. They can enjoy an omelette for breakfast, come back and enjoy a burger for lunch, and have pancakes for dinner! Joey Tateís Restaurant is a great neighborhood joint. Their Tilapia Francese, Chicken Marsala, and Steak Salad are all top favorites. You can expect perfectly made omelettes, eggs, and pancakes. The home fries are also great!

93 Old York Rd
Jenkintown, PA 19046