John’s Pizza, Rockford IL | Merchant Profile

A true testament to persistence and and hard work, Johnís Pizza directly encompasses what it means to have humble beginnings and turn them into widespread success. With forty two years under his belt, John Frisella has become a popular figure in the community, a familiar face that brings fresh, delicious foods that take on the role as the best of the best when pertaining to Italian cuisine. He came to the States in 1969 with his wife Maria, seeking to deliver his love of Sicilian cuisine to the Rockford area. He started his business in 1974, the concept was small and one of the handful of Italian restaurants in the area. It was a takeout concept that wasn’t bringing in the revenue it truly deserved, but John wanted to work for himself, and he saw the potential his ideas and, kept pushing on. Having done construction prior to this endeavor, John wasn’t making as much as he was previously, but the tenacity is what shined through and turned his small ideas into an eventual huge success. He saw a newer location and the owners weren’t necessarily putting in the efforts that he knew he could convey to the area. Once the location was up on the market, he wasted no time in snatching it up and took his concept to new heights and hasn’t looked back since. His efforts and consistency made the pizzeria what it is today, and his popularity multiplied on a regular basis. On his road to success he was faced with people who didn’t believe in the concept and didn’t want to invest the time or effort into the amazing idea that he had to offer. Realizing this and taking it upon himself to become his own success, he did it on his own, seeing that being self made was the only option to bring his dreams to fruition. The recipes are as authentic as they come, cooking dishes that would normally be cooked within Johnís household with the help from his wife and mother in law. His idea has stood the test of time and after being in the area for forty two years, shows his continuous passion to deliver quality food to familiar faces.

2914 11th St.
Rockford, IL 61109