Kabob Castle, Clinton Township MI | Merchant Profile

Kabob Castle was established in Clinton Township in 2015 by Ali and Salah. Ali is a veteran in the restaurant industry; he worked at La Shish for 18 years and has opened seven other successful Indian restaurants. For Salah, the restaurant endeavor was a career change and he couldnít be happier. ìIt is totally different; in the restaurant business you feel like family and get in touch with good people,î Salah explained. He loves getting to know his customers and their families.As soon as you sit down at Kabob Castle, you will be brought water and freshly made garlic bread. Salah recommends the Chicken Kabob; meat marinated with delicious spices and grilled, served with two sides.On Sundays, Kabob Castle offers an all-day buffet, from open to close, that has twenty-four different items. Some of the selections include; Chicken Shawarma, Gallaba Beef, okra, vegetables, two different rices, potatoes, kofta, hummus, chicken and beef balls, four kinds of soup and more! There are plenty of options to try.  Also on Sundays, Kabob Castle brings in live musical entertainment!

33133 Gratiot Ave
Clinton Township, MI 48035