Kaito, Santa Cruz CA | Merchant Profile

Kaito is a restaurant located at 830 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz. The restaurant is owned by the husband and wife team of Koji and Junko Goto. Koji tells us Kaito means ìlover of the Ocean.î They have owned previous eateries in the bay area, but wanted to move to Santa Cruz to be close to the ocean and the mountains. Kaito opened two years ago and aims to be the most hospitable restaurant in Santa Cruz, providing happiness to all people. They are focused on offering the best service and using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Kaito wants to meet and exceed your expectations. The only place one can find Ramen dishes in Santa Cruz is Kaito. Ramen is a noodle soup served with a variety of toppings.  Two popular ramen dishes are Tonkotsu Ramen, a rich pork flavor soup, and Spicy Garlic Ramen, a shio ramen with garlic and spicy sauce. Special Ramen dishes are Ja-Ja Ramen, a miso flavor soup with spicy minced pork and steamed vegetables, and Garlic and Kimchi Ramen, a shio soup with pork, corn, bean sprouts, kimchi, and garlic.  iKaito is also known for their amazing sushi. Try their Bird of Paradise roll with spicy tuna, crab, mango, avocado, and fish egg. Another favorite is the Pleasure Point, with hamachi, crab and avocado. The menu also features the freshest Sashimi and Tataki, seared fresh raw fish with yuzu ponzu sauce.The restaurant also offers Japanese beer on tap and has a great selection of premium and super premium Sake to enjoy. Not sure which to order? Try the Sake Sampler. The restaurant can seat over sixty people and has outdoor seating as well as traditional Japanese style seating on the floor. If you are looking for a great meal while in Santa Cruz, stop in at Kaito today. Koji and Junko will welcome you and ensure you have a great dining experience. 

830 41st Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062