Kanpai, Boca Raton FL | Merchant Profile

Lixii Sun grew up in the restaurant business. At the age of twelve, she started working as a hostess and made her way up to a server, then a bartender, and eventually began opening her own restaurants. When Lixii found this location, she couldnít pass it up. Lixii and her partner opened Ninja Spinning Sushi in Boca Raton. About a year later, the jeweler next door to Ninja Spinning Sushi closed and Lixii decided to expand. Lixii just finished her expansion and opened Kanpai in April of 2016. The space is actually two separate restaurants, but both are connected. If you just have a taste for sushi, take a seat on the Ninja Spinning Sushi side and experience the delicious sushi tapas floating around. If you want to try Japanese BBQ, very similar to Korean BBQ, ask to be seated on the Kanpai side. ìPeople get us confused with hibachi, but we are not hibachi,î said Lixii. At Kanpai, there are actually little grills on the table where you cook your own meats and veggies. Your food comes pre-marinated, and you get to use the tongs and the grill to cook it yourself to your liking. Lixii explained it is a fun interactive experience for the whole table.The Spicy Tuna Rice Crispy is a popular dish; toasted crispy rice, chopped spicy tuna, jalapenos, and caviar. The Galbe is very popular on the BBQ side, Korean marinated short rib. All of the steaks are top quality USDA Prime beef. At Kanpai, since you cook your meat yourself, you are able to see how fresh every cut is!Kanpaiís craft cocktails are also popular, including the hand pressed mojitos. The Far East Old Fashioned is another popular drink made with a Japanese single malt whiskey. Kanpai also currently offers about 15 different kinds of cold Sake. Kanpai does not take reservations, but they are open late! Kanpai is not a place to miss!

20 N Federal Hwy
Boca Raton, FL 33432