Kara Lynn’s Kitchen, Clearwater FL | Merchant Profile

Kara Lynnís Kitchen is a fantastic place to visit in Florida if you’re seeking natural, healthy food packed full of flavor. Located at 421 Cleveland street in Clearwater, Florida, Kara Lynnís began as a way to help her daughter from suffering migraines on a regular basis. After putting her on the paleo autoimmune protocol, Lynnís daughter no longer experienced migraines after two days. Within two months Lynn had fifteen people wanting her to cook for them and a condo kitchen was simply not doing the trick. After finding a larger kitchen in Clearwater, people then started wanting to purchase hot food to dine in. Within three weeks she was forced to open a restaurant and ever since then, Lynn has never looked back. Kara Lynnís Kitchen offers a wide variety of menu items, all of which are completely natural and organic. Her food is grain free, gluten free, uses all natural sweeteners, organic vegetables or is off of the clean fifteen. She uses grass fed pastured pork and chicken, and makes sure everything is fresh and of the highest quality. Of the freshest selections, her Salmon is by far the most popular item off of the menu. Along with that, the Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps and the Meat Loaf are also well known and loved. One of Lynnís specialties is to take foods that most people would consider bland and make them flavorful and better than anyone could have imagined. In just the first year of being in business, Kara Lynnís Kitchen garnered an award for Outstanding New Business by the Downtown Clearwater Association. When asked about Lynnís restaurant she describes it as ìa return to real food, we are the place where nutritious meets delicious.î It is a perfect place to eat for people who are paleo or gluten free, but also delicious for people who care about their body and eating a healthy, clean meal. Kara Lynnís Kitchen also offers a meal plan where people can stop by and pick up meals twice a week for them to take home, as well as take out. If you are in the Clearwater area and are looking for an excellent eating experience as well as a healthy alternative, stop by Kara Lynnís Kitchen, and she will take care of your hunger in the freshest most natural way. Enjoy!

421 Cleveland street
Clearwater, FL 33755