Kasana, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Centrally located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, Kasana features Spanish food with a Brazilian and Argentinian flare. Owner of Kasana, Ana, studied hospitality administration and has owned her own restaurant in Brazil before coming to Milwaukee. Ana prides herself on her wonderful hospitality abilities. ëKasanaí in Spanish means home of Ana. Ana wants to welcome you to her home when dining at her restaurant.The atmosphere of Kasana is very enjoyable ñ refined, but approachable with white table cloth linens and lovely decor. The warm lighting and fabulous food will make you feel right at home! Expect a world class meal when dining at Kasana. Kasana is one of the only restaurants in the Milwaukee area to source 90% of their ingredients organically (including eggs, flour, butter, and sugar) and nothing is ever frozen. There are also gluten-free options on the menu as well. All meat served at Kasana is grass fed or wild cut, meaning you will never find GMOs in the restaurantís meat products.Sit at the bar and stay awhile when dining at Kasana. Guests are known to come and enjoy their time here. Keeping with the traditions of Spain, enjoy a few handcrafted cocktails made with fresh fruit juice, herbs, and berries, and order rounds of tapas. Try the beef empanadas, featuring flavors of ground beef caramelized with brown sugar, cumin, onions, and added at the last minute are olives and cranberries. The mix of flavors creates a delightful and unique taste. Empanadas are also available with chicken, goat cheese, or shrimp and served with Anaís fatherís rendition of a chimichurri dipping sauce that youíll probably want to take home with you by the jar full.Vegetarians will be excited to order the brussel sprouts, a personal favorite of Anaís, sauteed and caramelized in coconut oil with chilies. Another popular menu item are the New Zealand grass fed baby rack of lamb, flambeed in cognac. Donít miss out on dessert at Kasana! The desserts, along with the bread, are all made in-house. Ana follows her motherís recipe for Flan and garnished with lavender to finish with a gourmet touchÖbe sure to save room.There are two event spaces available at Kasana for any event and catering planning needs. For smaller gatherings of around 50 to 70 people, the smaller room is perfect for a sit-down dinner or appetizers. 100 to 200 guests can be seated comfortably in Kasanaís larger banquet for a company gathering or cocktail party. Call ahead to be dazzled by the food and service that awaits at Kasana.

241 N Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202