Kazu’s Sushi, Port Richey FL | Merchant Profile

Kazunoba Miyazato opened Kazuís Sushi in fall 2003. Kazu is from Okinawa and descends from a line of samurai warriors. He has been training and working in Japanese cuisine for 41 years. Kazuís is the pioneer sushi restaurant in the area and was around long before sushi started becoming a trend. Scott, the manager, says people love Kazu’s because the food and the experience are totally authentic.All of the food is made with fresh ingredients and in house. The most ordered dish at Kazuís is the firecracker roll which has spicy tuna, tempura crunch, and their delicious housemade eel sauce and spicy mayo. Scott says the best bang for your buck is the bento box, which contains a variety of options such as sushi, shrimp tempura, veggies, and chicken teriyaki. Also popular are the buccaneer house rolls which are deep fried to add an American twist. Kazu’s also has beers, wines, and a wide selections of sake. They have both economically priced and high end options and make sake mixed drinks.Take out provides a lot of business for Kazuís. They are open Monday-Saturday for dine in a take out. Check out Kazuís for an authentic Japanese dining experience!

6317 Tacoma Drive
Port Richey, FL 34668