Key Westconsin, Waukesha WI | Merchant Profile

Owner Gary Krivos has worked in the restaurant industry a long time; he has over 20 years of experience in restaurant management for national chains. Gary wanted to go a different path for a while but decided if he ever got back into restaurants, he would be in business for himself. In 2011, that is exactly what Gary and his wife Rita did. Key Westconsin offers a culmination of dishes from all the vacations they took in Key West, New England, Door County and other locations. Gary and Rita brought back recipes from chefs they knew and cookbooks they found to create the menu Key Westconsin has today.Almost all of Key Westconsinís menu can be made gluten-free. Their signature dish, the ëScallops Westí, contains baby potato pancakes and seared scallops topped with bacon and their special Key Lime Hollandaise Sauce. It can be ordered as an appetizer or dinner. The Friday Night Fish Fry is also popular; delicious hand cut and beer battered haddock.Key Westconsin hosts many private parties, up to 100 people. They have accommodated events from weddings to baby showers. This clean, comfortable beach themed restaurant has never had a single health inspection violation. Key Westconsin takes a lot of pride in offering an exciting menu with gluten-free options in a fun and immaculate establishment.

331 Riverfront Plaza
Waukesha, WI 53156