Khom Fai Thai Dining Experience, Utica MI | Merchant Profile

Khom Fai: Thai Dining Experience has a religious following, and it’s not hard to see why. Isaiah and his brother opened Khom Fai in September of 2010. Their family has been in the restaurant business for generations; Isaiah learned to cook from his father and his father learned from Isaiahís grandmother. At Khom Fai they use the same recipes from Thailand their family have been using for 100 years.Every bottle on the Khom Fai: Thai Dining Experience wine list is Michigan made. Khom Fai also offers a beer menu with forty options, half being craft beers. Without the old-school mentality like so many Asian restaurants in general seem to have, this new approach gave them the opportunity to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free customers.Isaiahís father owns and operates a highly successful restaurant in Ohio. Being the first generation in Michigan, Isaiah and his brother had the opportunity to take a new approach to a classic tradition by offering great authentic Thai food in a modern and comfortable atmosphere. The ëCrispy Chickení is a customer favorite, along with the ëPad Thaií. If you are new to Thai but feeling adventurous, the unique flavors of Khom Faiís curries are very popular.There is a lot of meaning behind Khom Fai: Thai Dining Experience. Khom fai are fire lanterns that are used to signify letting go of all your fear and worry. At the Yi Peng festival in Thailand, you can see thousands of khom fai paint the sky. That thatís the idea behind Khom Fai: Thai Dining Experience; Isaiah wants people to know theyíre getting more than just the casual sit down restaurant. They hire servers that can guide you through the menu, especially if you are new to Thai cuisine. Khom Fai is a place to sit down, relax, talk with friends and enjoy yourself.

48395 Hayes Rd
Utica, MI 48315