KICK, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

KICK is a restaurant that was named for the ìkickî that their spicy food provides. It is owned by sisters Kim and Kristin who are focused on giving every guest the ultimate dining experience. Kristinís husband, Fred, actually designed most of the restaurant himself and even contributed bringing his ideas to life and helped build and decorate the space. Kimís husband, Dave, is the mastermind behind KICKís entire beverage program.  KICK was created with a spicy food concept in mind that focuses on all the flavors that go into a dish instead of just burning your mouth using super hot peppers. The menu ranges in spice level and a few dishes donít have any heat at all. Many of the dishesí heat level can be adjusted to customersí liking as well. KICKís best-selling burger is their Pit Fire that is made with house-cured pork belly, aged English cheddar, and smoked tomato BBQ glaze. All of KICKís burgers are made with 100% wagyu beef and the freshest ingredients available. KICKís Poí Boy sandwich, Vietnamese Steak Wraps, and Shrimp Mosca are other fan favorites. Even their signature Smoldering Chocolate Cake dessert has a nice heat at the end of every bite. On Saturdays and Sundays KICK also offers a delicious brunch menu from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Many of these dishes are more traditional without so much heat and spice, but there are still a select few items that do have that heat like their biscuits and gravy. The restaurant itself is quite spacious and has beautiful reclaimed barn wood throughout the space. The primary color scheme is red and black to give it a ìvolcanicî feel to fit their hot and spicy theme. The main dining room can hold up to seventy-five people including their full-service bar. There is an elevated lounge area as well that is great for private events and parties or happy hour mingling. KICK even has a large outdoor patio that can hold another fifty-six people. Half of the patio is set up to be like a lounge and the other half is set up with tables and chairs.  At the end of the day, KICKís mission is to provide customers with the best service, ambiance, and food they can. The staff is very friendly and works hard to make sure every guest leaves with a smile on their face. If you donít have time to dine-in, take out and delivery services are also available. The next time youíre looking to add a little spice to life, look no further than KICK! Itís an experience you wonít forget!

1943 W Byron St
Chicago, IL 60613