Kitchen Bar, Abington PA | Merchant Profile

Introducing a household name to the Abington area, Kitchen bar has secured its niche as a cornerstone to the area, having provided the best of the best for quite some time now. Owner Leon Mellassanos has taken on this current endeavor and the continued success can be attributed to his culinary expertise. Dating back three generations, his family has always been in the restaurant industry and he has that exact talent ingrained in his blood. After going to college he came back to the restaurant business for that exact reason and hasn’t looked back since. The family oriented experience brings it all full circle, and above all else, Kitchen bar envelopes a top notch dining experience, making it a must while visiting Abington. Located on historic Old York Road, Kitchen Bar is widely known as a staple of the community for their dishes and their qualitative and consistent service. Everything is made to order, and the ingredients are as fresh as they come, accepting deliveries everyday for their fish, meat, and produce. Breakfast is served seven days a week, the Eggs Benedicts come highly regarded as an option to indulge in. Leon takes his Greek background and implements it into the menu as well, providing classic authentic options like their Gyros and Moussaka. No matter the instance, they certainly have something for everyone, and will surely have something to adhere to all palates.To bring it all together, the location features a full bar, staying open til 2:00 A.M. Kitchen Bar provides something for a perfect night out as well. Coming from a family oriented standpoint allows them to offer something for everyone whether it be a night out with friends or breakfast with the family. The restaurant also hosts two separate events spaces, one holding up to seventy people and the other holding fifty. Above all else, Kitchen Bar simply elevates the typical restaurant experience, and in doing so has achieved the perfect spot to visit while in the area.

1482 Old York Rd.
Abington, PA 19001