Kobunga Korean Grill-Los Angeles, CA

How did the restaurant get its name?
John Kim, partner and owner of Kobunga, envisioned to create a Korean restaurant with an easily accessible name to non-Korean folk. SoCal born and raised, John plays on California lingo and creatively combine “bulgogi” and “galbi” with “cowabunga,” to ultimately brainstorm “Kobunga.”

What is your favorite menu item?
John’s favorite item on the menu is the Pork Belly. He’ll take that, with a side of the Cucumber Kimchi Pickles.

When a new customer comes in, what appetizer or dish should they try?
It is encouraged to try a new menu item soon to be featured: The Bulgogi Burger, bulgogi meat is nestled between two potato buns, topped with cheese, coleslaw, and a the Kobunga signature sauce.