Kumi Sushi, Crystal Lake IL | Merchant Profile

Kumi Sushi in Crystal Lake is owned by Aaron Ni. Aaron is a veteran to the restaurant business. He worked in his family’s Chinese restaurant for 20 years, but Aaron had a growing interest in Japanese food. He wanted to own his own place so he could get creative and craft a unique menu. Kumi Sushi is his first Japanese restaurant. The menu at Kumi Sushi can best be described as Japanese fusion, doing what Aaron calls ìre-recreation.î That means doing his own take on classic dishes and then fusing them with other styles of food. He also uses the freshest and highest quality ingredients, because he says that it doesnít matter how great the chefs are, if the quality is not the best, then the food with not be either. Some of their dishes are traditional, and you can find favorites like 5 course Hibachi entrees and tempura dinners; however much of the menu has a creative twist. Aaron crafts many of his recipes based on customer feedback. Customer satisfaction and experience are his priorities. He is very open with customers about his recipes and wants to work with what people like most. He makes a lot of fun fusions like a ìsushiritoî which is a Japanese and Mexican style blend using Mexican flavors like jalapeno and cilantro in a spicy roll. Kumi Sushi has a full bar with many sake options available. They have a great selection of specialty cocktails like a pureed mango martini, and a sake martini with fresh cucumber slices. Kumi Sushiís menu also offers vegetarian, gluten free, and kid friendly options, so there is something for everyone!Besides serving great food, Aaron also likes to help out the community. One of his goals is to employ young people in order to help them get experience and teach them great work ethic which will help them in the future. Kumi Sushi is open seven days a week. On weekday afternoons they offer all you can eat sushi lunches. Check out Kumi Sushi for fresh, top quality Japanese cuisine with a creative twist!

1145 IL Rte 31
Crystal Lake, IL 60014