La Adelita, Woodside NY | Merchant Profile

La Adelita has been providing Mexican cuisine to the Woodside area since 2012, and is one of the few restaurants that serves distinct authenticity, paired with the highest quality of ingredients. Owner and Chef Maria Iglesias has been in the industry for over twenty years and has brought her family recipes to the states for customers to indulge in. Due in part to the age old recipes, La Adelita has gained rapid success with people seeking the most genuine, authentic Mexican food in the vicinity. The restaurant certainly delivers in all categories, and provides a memorable meal that has people returning to get their hands on more. The menu raises the bar, offering a heightened experience than what would normally be expected from typical commercial style restaurants. The elevated cuisine represents the true Mexican heritage, and Manager Cynthia Shephard and her team take pride in separating themselves from the competition. They always go the extra step for their customers, using all fresh, premium ingredients and each dish is made to order ensuring the highest quality. The Bistec Adelita is a popular signature item, a nine ounce steak sauteed with poblano peppers, served with rice, beans, and enchilada. Speaking of which, the Enchiladas are a definite must try while stopping in, offering a wide range of different options. Whether it is Steak, Chicken, or Shrimp, the customer can be confident in their choice and it provides a rich and flavorful experience. When seeking a healthy portion, The Burrito Loco takes the cake, offering three different kinds of meat, packed into a tortilla. The mixture of Chicken, Steak, and Pork all compliment each other and will certainly provide leftovers. With a chef driven menu backed by Maria, each dish is made with quality and care. La Adelita is also a market and bakery, giving their customers fresh ingredients and delicious treats on a hand-to-hand basis to take home with them. The Mexican Bakery is a staple in the Hispanic community and implementing it into La Adelita has created a major success for the location. The freshly baked Colombian and Mexican style sweet breads are a popular item worth trying and sharing with friends and family. The restaurant has its own beautiful garden growing tomatoes, jalapenos, as well as many other products, allowing Maria to source her ingredients on her own. The outdoor seating is beautiful allowing patrons to view the garden while they enjoy their fresh food. The restaurant also offers a wide range of signature cocktails including their highly regarded margaritas of various different flavors, the most popular being the Coronarita. Bringing the meal full circle they also offer red and white Mexican style Sangria. It doesn’t get much more authentic than La Adelita making it a reason of its own to come in and give the food a try. Located at 52-22 Roosevelt Avenue the experience is worth the visit.

52-22 Roosevelt Ave.
Woodside, NY 11377