La Bahia Mexican American Restaurant, Monterey CA | Merchant Profile

La Bahia, located at 675 Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey, is a family owned and operated Mexican American restaurant. Jesus Duenas tells us his father and uncle cook and do prep in the kitchen, and his cousin, sister, mother and wife all work in the restaurant. La Bahia translates to the bay in English. The fifty seat restaurant, which opened in April of 2015, is pleasantly furnished and evokes the sense one is enjoying their meal in a courtyard overlooking a tropical bay scene.Popular menu items include Motherís Homemade Enchiladas,  featuring  housemade corn tortillas  stuffed with chicken and covered with Jesus’s motherís secret red sauce. She makes the delicious sauce herself, and the secret recipe is highly sought after by guests. Another favorite is his Motherís Homemade Tamales, a steamed corn masa filled with either marinated beef, pork or chicken. Jesus’s Uncleís recipe of Chile Rellenos is a diner favorite. It has green chilies and Monterey Jack cheese. It is then breaded and fried and served with rice and beans.The restaurant serves beer and wine and features a different beer special every day. They offer carry out service and can do catering as well. Stop by this family owned restaurant for authentic and fresh food presented in a friendly casual atmosphere with great customer service.

675 Lighthouse Ave.
Monterey, CA 93940