La Bistecca Italian Grille, Plymouth MI | Merchant Profile

La Bistecca Italian Grille in Plymouth, Michigan, was established in December 1998. Jerry Costanza has been dedicated since day one to provide first-class service. What they do there is unique. Jerry is in the business for the people – he thrives on sharing special experiences with customers, and ensuring they have one of the best experiences theyíve ever had.La Bistecca means ìthe steakî in Italian. La Bistecca Italian Grille is one of the very few restaurants in the country to serve a full line of USDA Certified Piedmontese beef. This specific breed of cattle was brought to North America from the Piedmont region of Italy in the early 1960s. Piedmontese beef is extraordinarily lean and tender, offering a healthier option without sacrificing flavor. In addition to steaks, La Bistecca has delicious veal, seafood, pasta and chops, all with Northern Italian flair.The steaks are really what the shining star of La Bistecca Italian Grille is – their steak, and their unprecedented service. There really is an art to fine dining, and you will find it at La Bistecca Italian Grille. It is an immensely service oriented restaurant, and everyone there wants to provide you with an exceptional full dining experience. Jerry explains that the word ìnoî just does not exist in their vocabulary. One of the biggest compliments he receives is that La Bistecca Italian Grille is always consistent. The quality of the food and service is always top-notch.

39405 Plymouth Rd
Plymouth, MI 48170