La Boulangerie Boul’Mich, Aventura FL | Merchant Profile

La Boulangerie Boul’Mich has quickly become a staple in Aventura and the surrounding areas, bringing genuine, fresh, and quality dishes to each of their customers. Co-owners Avy Cohen, Ariel Cohen, Carlos Gabriel de Chene, and Benigno Armas pride themselves on the process it takes for each of their dishes, going the extra step to make each of their customers content and satisfied. The team of partners have been in the industry for and extended period of time, opening several successful restaurants in Venezuela, and more recently, bringing his talents to the states, providing a wide array of delicious dishes. With a European and Latin American style menu, each item provides a rich, flavorful experience that cannot be found elsewhere.Revamping the menu and always raising the bar is a priority for the team at Boulangerie, with the mindset that they can always improve their already delicious menu and excellent service. Each customer is welcomed to the family style atmosphere, and the emphasis on being comfortable and relaxed is very prevalent upon entering. All items are made in house, and each dish is made with care and the utmost respect towards quality assurance. They have successfully created a familiar atmosphere paired with a appetizing cuisine.Their Eggs Benedict comes highly recommended, made with Fresh Eggs, 98% fat free Canadian Bacon over and oven-toasted muffin. The Norwegian Benedictine is also a popular substitute made with Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Sauteed Onion, and Capers. Their croissants and baked goods are where the restaurant really shines, making everything fresh daily, prioritizing the idea to never stock the baked goods and give the customers the freshest of the fresh. They even implement this into their juices, freshly squeezing all of their Florida Oranges at the moment, right after they’re ordered, ensuring each glass is as fresh as possible.  The staff always pays attention to detail and that goes all the way down to their highly regarded coffee. Made Italian style, each cup is made carefully to provide the best presentation as well as the best flavor. Their coffee is smooth, satisfying, and rich in flavor, making it the most popular cup in the area. They take pride in having something for everyone, making all of their soup options vegetarian, with no chicken or beef stock added. Their desserts are heavily favored, and kids love the Oreo Marquis. The Opera is also worth trying, made with Almond Cake soaked with Espresso, and Chocolate Ganache. Located at 20475 Biscayne Boulevard, stopping in is definitely worth a try and will provide something to satisfy everyoneís taste.

20475 Biscayne Blvd.
Aventura, FL 33180