La Cocina Boricua, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

La Cocina Boricua has been serving Chicagoland for almost three decades. The owner Pattyís father migrated from Puerto Rico when he was seventeen to become a singer. He opened one of the first Spanish nightclubs in Chicago! Pattyís parents have been with her the whole time in the industry, and now a lot of her family works for her at the restaurant. Patty is a self-taught chef and wanted to be able to share her creations with the community, and they are so thankful she did! The base sofrito that Patty puts in her rice and stews is made fresh each morning and consists of green pepper, red pepper, onion, garlic, cilantro, and herbs. ìA lot of people make it and freeze it, but my guys only make what they are going to use for that day,î explained Patty. The Jibaritos are La Cocina Boricua’s signature dish. The sandwich made with plantains instead of bread is actually a Chicago speciality!It is very important to Patty to never get so big where she canít take care of her locals. She has a great loyal crowd that she has taken care of for many years, and would never want to have to turn them away. ìIt is really important to me to keep people happy,î Patty said. She really enjoys and loves what she does!

2420 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60647