La Cucina Cafe, Lauderdale-by-The-Sea FL | Merchant Profile

True Italian cuisine is hard to find when there are dozens of replications and purveyors that claim their authenticity is something to behold. La Cucina Cafe silences all critics, delivering the best of the best for the past three years. Gaining widespread notoriety in a short period of time, owner Enrico Dibuono hits the nail on the head when providing upscale dishes and an atmosphere that compliments the fresh ingredients. No shortcuts are taken, and Enrico takes pride in forming a cornerstone of the Fort Lauderdale area, and his concept is nothing short of impressive. Stopping in ensures a non-replicated, genuine experience, bringing a piece of Italy to the states, and is certainly worth the visit.Encompassing everything that makes Italy great, Enrico does not take any shortcuts in the preparation and presentation of his highly regarded plates. The hands on approach and culinary expertise that is taken can attest to the buzz La Cucina has garnered over the past few years. Each dish is a true representation of the Italian culture, and Enrico provides a great respect for the ingredients and staying true to his ancestry. Having been born in Italy he takes full awareness of the Italian American dishes that have been diluted and with the best intentions he takes the most honest approach to the cuisine he provides.Each step taken from top to bottom is thorough and precise, from sourcing the best, freshest ingredients, all the way to the plate presentation. La Cucina Cafe Thrives on repeat customers, and rightfully so, one visit has people spreading the word like wildfire. The Seafood is fresh and sourced from the top providers. Incorporated into their dishes, Enrico uses Wild Salmon, Main Lobster, as well as Canadian sourced Mussels, knowing that this may be a higher price point, providing quality is of the highest importance. The pastas are all made in house, as well as the desserts ensuring the customer the the best of the best while they stop in for a visit. The Tiramisu is worth trying along with their wide array of raviolis available on the menu. The Napolitana Pizza is as if it was delivered straight to the states from Italy, using imported dough and mother yeast. Enrico crafts his own bread in house making him simply the best, and maybe the only true Italian Restaurant in the area. Located at 256 Commercial Boulevard, stopping in promises a memorable and satisfying experience while in the Florida.

256 E Commercial Blvd.
Lauderdale-by-The-Sea, FL 33316