La Diosa, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Chef Laura Martinez is the first blind chef in the world to open her own restaurant and graduate professionally from a very prestigious culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu. Laura worked with the late Charlie Trotter for three years after graduating before she went on to open her own establishment. She was a little nervous at first but has gotten tremendous support from her customers. Chef Laura opened La Diosa in January of 2015. Laura wanted to create an environment that was different and unique, focusing on contemporary food. To her, this means using a couple of ingredients to make a lot of dishes in different ways. ìI donít want to be similar to any other restaurant – I want to be creative and different,î Laura claimed. Chef Laura uses French techniques, her Mexican culture, and her own creations – she explained that her cuisine is not Mexican or French, just contemporary and one of a kind. The Tartizzas are very popular, Chef Lauraís own creation. Unlike your typical pizza, Tartizzas consist of a very delicate gourmet dough that is light, flaky, and buttery. The crust is topped with chicken, steak, their secret sauce, and lightly sprinkled with cheese. The Soy Veggie Le Mesquite is a popular vegetarian item; the soy meat is marinated in mesquite and truly tastes like meat, not soy. ìI want to make it as similar as possible to meat – you wouldnít know the difference,î Laura explained. La Diosa is the place to go when you are craving something new, fresh and gourmet – without the usual price tag. La Doisa also offers off-site catering; anything they create in the restaurant Laura is happy to cater.

2308 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60614