La Fuente, Beloit WI | Merchant Profile

Jesus Garcia has worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. La Fuente in Beloit, Wisconsin is Jesusís third restaurant. This very clean and comfortable authentic Mexican restaurant is perfect for families. Everyone is welcome!Customers love the ëFilete Marineraí, a nice catfish filet in a special marinara sauce. If youíre a meat lover, try the ëCarne Charraí; juicy roast beef with charros beans, quesadillas, peppers, cheese, guacamole and grilled onions. The ëCarne Tampiquenaí is also a great choice; chicken or steak served tampiquena style with a delicious enchilada. La Fuente serves breakfast daily at a great value! The popular ëSpecia Fuenteí a pork chop, eggs and toast. The ëMezican Styleí dish is another good choice, scrambled eggs mixed with jalapeno, tomatoes and onions. ëHam and Eggsí is another great option!At La Fuente enjoy a great Mexican beer or a glass of wine with dinner. Finish off your night with a tasty dessert; flan, tres leches or their famous fried ice cream.

946 Wisconsin Ave
Beloit, WI 53511