La Kabob, Farmington MI | Merchant Profile

Current owner Moe took over the family business of La Kabob (previously PineLand Restaurant) after his father retired from the business. Moeís father established PineLand Restaurant in 1989 and has passed on his passion and respect for food and cooking on to him. Carrying through with the same dedication, Moe goes the extra mile to satisfy his customers. PineLand specializes in exceptionally authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Moe imports all oils and spices used in the restaurant from Lebanon, making the marinades and sauces absolutely delicious.Moe is proud to say all meats are halal, which means all meat purchased for the restaurant is raised and cut the right way, 100% natural and gmo free. A signature dish featured at La Kabob is the ëChicken Shawarma,í which is marinated in a dressing made with the special spices and oil ñ delicious and raved about by regulars! The relaxed and inviting atmosphere of La Kabob is perfect for business folks on the go and family dinner nights. Stop in for an unforgettable meal and a fabulous time you wonít soon forget!

33320 W12 Mile Rd
Farmington, MI 48334