La Maison Navarre, Portsmouth NH | Merchant Profile

La Maison Navarre is a French patisserie in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It is owned by Victor Navarre and Charlotte Reymond. The couple moved to the states from France two years ago and opened up La Maison Navarre in 2015. Charlotte grew up in Lyon, a city known for its gastronomy, and hometown of many renowned chefs. She got her MBA in Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management. Victor is from Paris and got his masters degree in International Business. Charlotte and Victor say "Our goal is to allow the people that visit La Maison Navarre to enjoy a little bit of France when they come in and experience the French Art of Life."The Macarons are the signature item and best seller at La Maison Navarre. Do not confuse them with Macaroons. A Macaron is a meringue based cookie made with almond flour and eggs white filled with ganache, fruits curds or jams. In contrast, a macaroons is a coconut cookie. They have over 20 macaron flavors and serve ice cream macarons. The Ice Cream Macaron is unique to La Maison Navarre and was featured on local television stations. The pastries they serve are traditionally French and are a healthier dessert option. They contain no extra sugar or artificial flavoring, only the highest quality ingredients. La Maison also serves breads, breakfast and lunch dishes, coffee, tea, and wine. Their crepes are extremely popular and are a rare find in the area. A meal at La Maison Navarre is cheaper than a ticket to France, and provides some of the same wonderful tastes. They are open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dessert. Check it out for authentic French cuisine and phenomenal pastries!

121 Congress St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801