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Rodolfo Mendieta is a native Peruvian and has always had passions for the ocean, cooking, and cooking dishes from the ocean. Rodolfo learned to cook when he was about eight years old by watching TV. When he was little, there were only three TV channels, one of them being a cooking channel. Since they were located only 500 meters above sea level, as a boy he got sick a lot from surfing in the winter. Sometimes he had to stay home from school for days at a time, and while he was healing he would watch the cooking channel and take notes. When he was recovered, he would tell his mom to take him to the local market where he would buy all the ingredients he needed and cook his meal. Over the years, Rodolfo picked up tips and tricks from different members of his family, even his maids. Since the maid cooked, the policy was you had to eat whatever they cooked that day or you didnít eat. Since Rodolfo knew how to cook, he didnít care and if he didnít like what the maid was cooking he cooked for himself. Rodolfo started traveling when he was a teenager. He visited a lot of coastal areas and low-income fisherman towns searching for the best seafood places. Rodolfo would exchange ideas with the cooks at family owned restaurants. ìIn Peru, there were very poor fisherman towns, and people would be interested in why someone from a different class was interested in exchanging recipes – usually if you have maids, you donít know much about cooking!î Rodolfo explained with a laugh. But it was these small town restaurants that fed his knowledge. When Peruvian cuisine was just starting to make ground in America, Rodolfo finally opened his own restaurant in 2015, La Panza Latin Bistro. ìPeople are more curious about it now,î said Rodolfo, referring to Peruvian cuisine. Rodolfo feels very comfortable in the restaurant environment. After the ocean, the restaurant is his home, which is why he has a lot of seafood and fish on the menu. ìSince we are two miles from the beach, people needed to experience what coastal Peruvian cuisine is all about,î explained Rodolfo.The Ceviche is very popular at La Panza Latin Bistro. Made with fresh pacific coast mahi-mahi, most of the ingredients are imported from Peru. With Rodolfo cooking and fresh ingredients from Peru, you wonít find more authentic Peruvian cuisine in the area. La Panza Latin Bistro also serves beer and wine that pair perfectly with the flavors they create in their dishes.

131 NE 2nd Ave
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441