La Vecina-New York , New York

How did the restaurant get its name?
Vecina means neighbor and the owners are all about neighborly love and coming together and bringing people together. Food is a great way for people to put aside problems and differences and gather and help build relationships and a better community.

What is your favorite menu item?
Henry one of the owners says his favorite is the build-a-bowl, “there are so many different options and flavors” Henry says its always his go to because there is just so much you can do with a build-a-bowl and it works for all because its what customers taste buds are craving.

When a new customer comes in, what appetizer or dish should they try?
Some of the most popular appetizers are the salchipapas which are loaded fries topped with cheese, meat, garlic, and more or the fresh made to order guacamole it is excellent and they had a hint of mint to add an extra flavor and kick.