La Villa, Morrisville PA | Merchant Profile

Having been open for the past eighteen years, La Villa provides a top notch culinary experience taking Italian cuisine to the next level. Owner Ginto Lenti has put his focus into this culinary powerhouse and has done so seamlessly, providing fresh dishes that are made to order, ensuring the best of the best. The menu items are as authentic as they come and they elevate the cuisine to the next level in every way possible. Stopping in ensures a memorable and quality experience, and the genuine nature in which the menu is approached is nothing short of impressive. The options are endless, seeking to provide something to adhere to everyoneís taste and doing so flawlessly. Their pizza is extremely unique, crafting it in a square fashion, while adding fresh ingredients to heighten the rich flavor. Widely favored items include their homemade pasta, the chicken, as well as the veal dishes. The Veal Parmigiana is a classic option worth trying crafted with tender veal topped with sauce and mozzarella. The Tomato Pie is the centerpiece of the menu, and giving it a try promises a meal that raises the bar on what would normally be expected with a pizza. The restaurant hosts catering as well as a lunch buffet, always seeking to adhere to their customerís needs. La Villa also hosts a $45 dollar ten course meal at the beginning of every month the first Monday of each month called the Amici del Buon Mangiare letting customers indulge in the culinary expertise that stands at La Villa.

21 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
Morrisville, PA 19067