Ladder 133, Providence RI | Merchant Profile

Paying homage to the historical fire station that once inherited the area since 1902 Ladder 133 Bar & Grill, takes a traditional American staple and elevates it into a culinary powerhouse. In doing so, the location has produced the best of the best when it comes to a qualitative consistency paired with creativity. Owners Darrek and Damien have a knack for paying close attention to detail and their efforts are prevalent in their current endeavor from top to bottom. In turn, they have been able to provide the area with something that has seemingly been never experienced before, enveloping a classic hit once it was introduced to the area, making it a must while in Providence with the historical significance paired with top notch food.The fresh ingredients and the willingness to never cut corners is what truly makes Ladder 133 Bar & Grill a special cornerstone to the area. Darrek and Damien have been in the business their entire lives and their culinary expertise drives the fantastic dish options to the forefront. The Wings are a widely favored option to indulge in, award winning, smoked for two hours, dry rubbed and flash fried to maintain a crispy outside and a juicy center. An award winner from the Restaurant and Hospitality Magazine, the Slow Smoked Turkey Sandwich crafted with their Southern style smoker paired with with White Alabama Barbecue Sauce comes in high regard as well.To bring it all full circle, the staff provides an attentive service that makes all guests feel the nostalgia of a home cooked presence. The historical relevance plays a huge part in enveloping an all around qualitative and memorable experience, which is what makes Ladder 133 so special. In doing so, the restaurant immerses customers into a warm and welcoming atmosphere that rivals the delicious food that they are able to craft. Stopping in guarantees not only a quality experience, but a memorable one from Darrek, Damien, and their team, making it a top choice for any outing.

133 Douglas Ave
Providence, RI 02908