Lafayette Coney Island, Detroit MI | Merchant Profile

Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit was established in 1914, making it the oldest Coney Island in the area. The great food and long history make it a historical site in Detroit. To keep it as-is, they havenít changed the restaurant or expanded – it is almost exactly the same as it was in 1914! Lafayette Coney Island is family owned and operated, and some employees have been working there for 40 years! One of the employees, Faisal, has been at Lafayette Coney Island for almost 22 years. He started as a teenager washing dishes and worked his way through all the positions. Next door to Lafayette Coney Island you will find American Coney Island. Even with competition, Faisal explained that the workers are all good and friendly with each other. Lafayette Coney Island has not changed their menu since they opened over 100 years ago!Lafayette Coney Island is open for about 20 hours every day, so you can grab a Coney Dog with chilli fries just about whenever you desire. Everyone at Lafayette Coney Island is dedicated to serving good food and providing excellent service for their customers.

118 W Lafayette Blvd
Detroit, MI 48226