Lakes Grille, Clarkston MI | Merchant Profile

Having only been in the area for two years, Lakes Grille has quickly found its niche in Clarkston, and has been gaining rapid popularity among the locals and the surrounding areas. The chef driven menu provides something for everyone, taking familiar dishes and putting a twist on them to make them unique to Lakes Grille. The American style menu offers rich, flavorful options, and Chef Michael prides himself on his ability to satisfy customers in a welcoming atmosphere. The comfort food that is served at Lakes Grille is nothing short of amazing, and is sure to satisfy while visiting Clarkston.Chef Michael is always raising the bar, looking for the next way he can heighten the experience. Starting in the kitchen, he makes creating consistently delicious dishes a top priority and has done so flawlessly. Their comfort food is a take on familiar items, and Chef Michael revamps them into a whole new dish. The Burgers are widely popular, offering an array of different types to indulge in. Their Stuffed Burger options include unique items such as the Blazing Burger, for the customers that prefer a little spice in their meal. The Burger is packed with Sauteed Peppers, Onions, Jalapenos, and Pepperjack Cheese. They also offer Turkey and Veggie Burgers that do not sacrifice flavor by any means.Stopping in for dinner is a must while in Clarkston, and Chef Michael will certainly provide the perfect meal for any occasion. He handcuts all of his steaks, making sure to take the extra step for the quality assurance of his customers. A popular option is the Lakes Filet Mignon, a seven ounce  hand cut filet, served with Lakes Grille Zip Sauce, and Herbed Butter. The restaurant also offers delicious Mac and Cheese as a house specialty with their own twist on it. This includes their Surf and Turf Mac and Cheese, which is elbow pasta tossed in a special cheese blend then topped with steak bits and lobster then baked to a golden brown.Lakes Grille also serves delicious pizza options as well as their fresh pastas. Chef Michael really has something for everyone, making the restaurant an obvious go to while in Clarkston. The food speaks for itself, and word of mouth has contributed to their rapid popularity in the past two years. The restaurant also takes reservations to reduce the wait time. Located at 6722 Dixie Highway, stopping in for a bite to eat will provide a memorable and satisfying experience that is extremely hard to pass up on.

6722 Dixie Hwy.
Clarkston, MI 48346