Lala’s Argentine Grill, Los Angeles CA | Merchant Profile

Lalaís Argentine Grill began twenty years ago in 1996 when Horacio Weschler Ferrari and Mario Balul found the perfect spot to turn their vision into a reality. Both Horacio and Mario wanted to open a restaurant that reflected their Argentinian roots with delectable dining and a mesmerizing atmosphere. When Horacio first came to America in 1988 his very first job was working in a restaurant. He always had a passion for eating and food so after working in a restaurant; he knew that was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. After meeting Mario, an established architect, they decided to join forces and become business partners. Lalaís Argentine Grill only uses the highest grade of meat and highest quality ingredients available, but serves their dishes at an affordable price. This is one of the top reasons customers continue to come back to Lalaís because of the incredible value you get for the price.  The Melrose Salad is Lalaís most popular salad made up of grilled chicken with lettuce, onion, tomato, warm rice, and feta cheese tossed in spicy honey mustard dressing. In addition to the Melrose Salad, Lalaís Entrana or skirt steak is another one of their most popular meals. The skirt steak is aged for at least twenty-seven days and becomes so tender that it melts in your mouth.  New to the menu is the Gaucho, which is ribeye steak topped with grilled onions, garlic parsley, and Anaheim pepper. Lalaís even has a vegetarian section on their menu for anyone interested in a meal with no meat. Lalaís Argentine Grill also offers catering for any private events, parties, or weddings. They also feature an outdoor patio attached to the restaurant that can accommodate up to 120 people. Take-out and delivery are also options for customers and make up a big part of Lalaís business. Not only does Lalaís offer amazing cuisine, but also an incredible dining experience. Thanks to Marioís expertise, the restaurant is beautiful with rich colors and comfortable seating. The restaurant showcases the warmth and liveliness of Latin American dining all in a modern setting. Lalaís is a huge success and so popular amongst visitors that a second location was opened in Studio City about sixteen years ago. For amazing food at an unbeatable price Lalaís Argentine Grill is a must-stop! Their incredible atmosphere mixed with their great staff makes for an experience you wonít soon forget!

7229 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046