Lark Creek Kitchen – San Jose, CA, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Lark Creek Kitchen   Lark Creek Kitchen is a revamped restaurant that is part of the Lark Creek Restaurant Group. The Lark Creek Restaurant Group offers a variety of locations and concepts, each providing its own unique experience. Lark Creek Kitchen is the latest addition to the group. Chef Nick Tall brings his own version of Modern American cuisine to the San Jose area after having been a sous chef at a successful restaurant in Hong Kong. Nick brings his technical knowledge and exposure to ingredients from abroad and serves up his Modern American cuisine to guests. Nick has used his creative skills to take Modern American to the next level. You will not find fancy mac-n-cheese here. Rather, you will find simple plates that incorporate all of the different cultures that make up the Unites States. From Nickís time abroad, he realized that many different cultures use the same ingredients, but the final product is what makes the food look so different. He has put together a completely seasonal menu that seamlessly incorporates ingredients from different cultures that work well together. Even though the menu changes weekly, there are signature dishes that he keeps. For example, one of the specialties at Lark Creek Kitchen is the Banana Leaf Roasted Pork, which is rubbed with an intricate spice mixture and braised in coconut milk. Lark Creek also supports many of the craft breweries in the area and offers their own selection of unique house cocktails. For travelers, Lark Creek Kitchen is a great option for anyone who wants to have a wonderful multicultural food experience that they will be talking about for years. Lark Creekís main focus is to celebrate food and to provide an open and lively atmosphere for guests.

378 Santana Row, , 95128, United States 
San Jose, CA 12345