Latinos 305, Miami FL | Merchant Profile

When you think of Miami, you canít help but think of that Caribbean island located just 90 miles south of Key West. Cuba, its art, its music, its people and especially its cuisine, helped pave the way for Miami to become a gateway to Latin America and the rest of the world. At Latinos 305 CafÈ, we take that history and its traditions very seriously. Thatís why itís our mission to deliver the full flavor, richness and wonderful simplicity of authentic Cuban cuisine to our customers each and every day. Our food honors the timeless recipes that a generation of Cuban ìabuelasî brought to this city a half century ago. But itís our location in the heart of the city that blends tradition with the vibrant energy of modern Miami. We invite you to enjoy this unique experience.

44 NE 1st St
Miami, FL 33132