Lebanese Grill, Shelby Charter Township MI | Merchant Profile

Sam went to school to study electronics. He tried so hard to get a factory job. When he finally got one, he quit the same day he started. He thought to himself, ìIf I donít make this decision now, I am going to be stuck here pushing the same buttons for the next 25 years. Do I want to do that?î Even though it was a good job with good pay, he wanted to be more with people. So, he got into the family restaurant business and has been happy ever since. Samís dad used to own restaurants in Beirut, Lebanon. When they came to America about 25 years ago, they brought their family recipes with them and continued offering great food on a different continent. Sam explained that one of their biggest obstacles was bringing their traditions to America. Sam said that overseas, when people go to restaurants they sit, talk, drink, and eat for hours. When he throws parties for other European nationalities he notices the same thing. Americans are more on the go – they will call ahead to order their meal to make sure they have just enough time to eat it before having to go back to work. Because of this culture change, Sam and his family had to customize their food to fit the American lifestyle. Lebanese Grill has been offering exceptional Lebanese cuisine to the Detroit area since 1998. Sam and his family opened the first location in Troy. As they grew more and more popular, they decided to expand to a bigger location. They found the perfect building in Shelby Township in the middle of a shopping destination and moved over ten years ago. Seven years later they opened a second location in Rochester Hills. Sam always gets compliments on Lebanese Grillís ëChicken Shawarmaí, be sure to give it a try!

45278 Market St
Shelby Charter Township, MI 48315