Lentil Mediterranean Grill, Royal Oak MI | Merchant Profile

Lentil Mediterranean Grill offers Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine fused with American Flavors. This fusion provides for a modern day spin on what is usually traditional dishes. The Lentil Family opened the Lentil Mediterranean Grill in 2011 and moved to Royal Oak, Michigan in spring of 2016. The location in Royal Oak brings in more foot traffic than the previous location. The new location of the restaurant is more central and brings in more general business besides foot traffic too. Before the Lentil Family owned their own restaurant, they were involved with multiple different franchises. From these experiences, they were able to learn what worked and what did not work regarding restaurant ownership. This insight has helped them to grow a thriving restaurant.One of the most popular dishes at Lentil Mediterranean Grill is their Falafel. This is a good option for vegetarians who may have trouble finding delicious dishes at other restaurants. Also, at Lentil Mediterranean Grill, one is able to build their own meal. The customer is able to choose which ingredients they want to include and exclude in their dishes. This type of option has proved to be a good ìquick-in, quick-outî dining option that many take advantage of for lunch breaks. Another popular dish is the Chicken Shawarma. The meat of the spit gives a unique flavor that is not usually found at other restaurants. In addition to the uniquely flavored dishes, Lentil Mediterranean Grill has affordable catering services that offer delivery as well. Lentil Mediterranean Grill believes in the mantra that food is technical, and that is difficult to find the right tools to make it work well together. The Lentil Family has clearly found the perfect tools in order to run a successful restaurant. With that, they are looking to expand in Michigan and then hopefully expand more nationally as well.

29110 Woodward Ave
Royal Oak, MI 48073