Lillian’s Italian Kitchen, Santa Cruz CA | Merchant Profile

Taking a family oriented concept and driving it to the forefront, Lillianís Italian Kitchen has garnered widespread attention for a longstanding period of time. In doing so, Joseph Moreno, his son and Head Chef Chris, and son Matt, have taken on an endeavor that holds high regard for the service paired with quality and consistency. Opening on the fourth of July in 2007, the team at the restaurant haven’t looked back since, and have quite remarkably secured themselves as a cornerstone to the Santa Cruz area. Chris drives the kitchen full force, the expertise he has attained in the restaurant industry fuels Lillianís as a powerhouse, making it a perfect outing while in the area. What makes the experience so special at Lillianís is it immerses customers into a family style atmosphere paired with dishes that rival just that. The main concentration of the cuisine is a focus on what the Morenoís ate growing up, and doing just that, has provided a nostalgia for guests seeking a home cooked meal at a heightened standpoint. The Sunday Gravy takes the cake on a popular dish to indulge in, simmered low with beef, pork, Italian sausage, and spare ribs. The delicious dish is served with your choice of penne, spaghetti, or fresh fettuccini. The Black Truffle Stuffed Gnocchi is an excellent choice, with the options of pesto, tomato, or gorgonzola cream.The restaurant seats a little over one hundred people providing a cozy, intimate, yet spacious area for guests to dine in. The bar area compliments the overall ambiance providing a nice selection of beer and wine to choose from. If the food isn’t reason enough to stop in, the location heralds several awards, in their first year they won Best New Restaurant. After that, for eight years in a row they won Best Italian Restaurant in local papers. The staff is fantastic, nobody cuts corners, and above all else, the family oriented business bring the best of the best to the table, making them a top choice for Italian cuisine while in Santa Cruz.

1148 Soquel Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062