Liquid Bread Gastropub, Campbell CA | Merchant Profile

John Burke had almost a decade and a half of experience cooking in fine dining establishments all up and down the west coast. John always wanted to create an environment that was not so pretentious; a place where you could taste upscale dishes in a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. Over the years, John created dishes that would be paired with wine, but he always thought about how well they would taste with certain beers. John has always been drawn towards the gastropub theme. After three years of brainstorming and planning, John and his partner Jordan Trigg found the perfect location. They opened Liquid Bread in October 2012. John explained that coming up with a name for the gastropub was simple – ìliquid breadî is another name for beer  At Liquid Bread, everything is centered around beer. In the beginning, Liquid Bread was a little too different for its demographic. John admitted that at first he was a little too aggressive with some of his food items, like ëBeef Heart Tamalesí and ëBaked Alligator & Sea Island Red Peasí, but over time, the community grew to love these crazy dishes. Liquid Breadís menu is full of dishes with ingredients youíve likely never tried before, and John invites you to come in with an open mind. The ëPacu Ribsí are a must try. The Amazonian pacu fish has ribs the size of baby backs but with a different flavor and experience. You can really taste where the fish is from. The ëMusselsí dish is very popular, a kind of ramen-pho hybrid; Washington Salt Spring mussels with fresh udon noodles, crispy octopus, chorizo, potatoes, pickled peppers, in ìthe brothî. Liquid Breadís unique broth is an Asian blend of kombu dashi, bonito flakes, fish heads, charred onions, ginger, and many Asian spices that are steeped overnight. The Peruvian ëBay Scallopsí were brought back by popular demand. Tiny scallops with a German basil spaetzle, shiitake mushrooms, and sesame seeds. Liquid Breadís ëBurgerí is also a customer favorite – a half pound all-natural ground beef patty smothered with bearnaise sauce, seascape cheese, and pickled onions on a sesame butter bun. Liquid Bread has many different, local beer options that are constantly changing, including IPAs and ciders on tap. Liquid Bread offers a delicious craft cocktail menu that changes seasonally. Liquid Bread is an intimate but energetic environment where youíre invited to mingle at high tables. Every unique flavor combination is made from scratch. Liquid Bread gave John the opportunity to express himself; he wanted to create a place where his colleagues and peers in the industry would enjoy, and has achieved just that. Liquid Bread has won the Michelin Guide recommendation for the past two years. Visit Liquid Bread with an open mind – you wonít be disappointed.

379 E Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008